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A picture of Modoc Interagency Hotshots Crew superintendant Greg Keller directing a burnout on the Fischer Fire in Washington. The old man, as we call is, has been fighting fire as a hotshot for over 30 years now, and is probably the oldest Hotshot in the business.

His managerial style is best encapsulated in the movie "Sometimes a Great Notion," which is based on the Ken Keesey book of the same name, and which he shows the the crew every year. It is from this book that the old man shares with us enduring, classic motivational phrases such as, "Wag it and Shag it!" "Maybe we can finally get some work done around here." and the less spoken but more defining "Never Give an Inch!"

More about this experience and the old man can be found by reading the Hotshot Diaries, a series of anecdotes from the 2004 fire season.